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The blog for this young student was simplistic, but really thought provoking. She listed 7 random facts in a descriptive way about herself.

7  Random Facts About Me!

  1.  I have only finished one novel.
  2. I have never left Canada.
  3. I’m a twin.
  4. I was two months premature.
  5. I lived in Alberta.
  6. I hate Spiders.
  7. I have never been to the zoo.
In response to her query!

1.) I have never been to Canada
2.) I have 2 wonderful boys.
3.) I can speak Japanese.
4.) I love watching movies with my wife and sons.
5.) I am an only child.
6.) My favorite novels are Sci-Fi.
7.) I have taken and helped teach Jujutsu for 17+ years.

I explained in my comment I thought this was a really cool way to blog and that it gets your readers to open the minds to what they think 7 descriptive thing could be listed about them. I went on to say thank you for sharing this with me and the rest of the blogging world and that I was looking forward to her next blog.

banner of the Vancouver Canucks

Savanna wrote about a local Hockey team the Vancouver Canucks and how she was going to go and see one of their games with her family. She talked about who her favorite player was and who her sister's favorite player is on the team. She talked about how the NHL was going through trades and how she hoped the Canucks would get a few good players. Her ending statement was a question, "Have you ever been to an NHL game?".

In my comment, I endeavored to answer her question. I told her there was not a lot of hockey in this area save the Pensacola Ice Flyers. Winter sports in this area are not as popular as the northern states, I explained. I went on to tell her that I had seen the Bruins play, because my family lives in Massachusetts. I also told her that my youngest cousin was a junior Bruin, which is an honorary Bruin, and was on the USA Hockey team. I told her that I might take my boys to see the Ice Flyers, they have never seen a hockey team play. I thanked her for her contribution to the blogging community and told her I was excited about reading her next post.

picture from the post page

Good-Bye, 2011 ..... Hello, 2012! This post is pretty self explanatory based on the title and picture of the post. My student wrote about the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012. The student gives a little background on why we do this tradition and what it means to her now. She moves on to her end of the year resolution, how she planned on keeping them, and why they were important to her. She did four resolutions, one pertaining to her, one pertaining to school, one pertaining to the community, and one pertaining to the Global community. Her resolution is broke up into the goal, why the goal is important, and how she plans on keeping the goal in practice. At this point, I was truly amazed at the thought this young person has put into such an idea, that most of us take for granted. As she ends her post, she leaves the readers a statistic that is really sad for this tradition. Of the people that make New Years resolutions 80% of them never follow through. Leaving 20% of those who make those resolutions succeed in their efforts.

In my comment to her I explained how I thought her previous posts were great reads and even though there were no new posts I was looking forward to this read. I was right, another great post by this budding blogger. She took the time to lay the framework for this post by giving some background on the history of the tradition. She then wrote on how she has interpreted the tradition into her life. I told her that I thought she did a very good job. I explained that I was taken back on her topic of her global resolution, which spoke of fighting childhood marriages in other countries. I told her I would work on helping my friends and family keep their resolutions. Who knows we may be able to push that percentage up to 50% instead of 20%. I explained it is like changing the World we each do our part and those little steps make big impacts.

header from post

This blog was simple. Kobey, a first grader spoke of a day where he/she played at a park with Mom and Madison. 

As for my comment, I asked what her/his favorite thing in the park to play on. Even though the post consisted of one sentence it was straight to the point. Although, I feel that Ms. Cassidy could have been involved more in the editing and encouraging process. I understand a first grader will not be a great writer, but the teacher, I believe, should have invested some time in the proofreading before posting. As well, the creativity of the post.

I guess we could look at it from a different point of view, maybe this gross misspelling was on purpose. A new way of viewing what children of that age are capable of doing. Have them post blogs that are meaningful to them and leave their posts in the 100% natural way it was written. This could show the level the school/teacher is educate at or the quality of education those students are absorbing. This manner of blogging could show the gritty realty of our children. We could actually measure a student's progress with blogging in the writing and proofreading field of their education journey. 

The decision on how to take this post is totally up too you (the reader). Only the educator of that class truly knows the purpose of letting this blog be posted in this manner. 

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