Friday, April 13, 2012

Blog Post #11

Ms. Cassidy from Skype interview

Ms. Cassidy used all sorts of technology in her classroom. Her YouTube video Little Kids.....Big Potential and the Skype interview were interesting glimpses into her world of technology in her classroom. When she first received computers, there was little to no interest in the development of a technological program in her school. Ms. Cassidy took the opportunity to create and grow a program on her own. She spent several years trying to learn and perfect her technological techniques. In her You Tube video, she has shown what technology can do for youngest students. Her technology pedagogy has inspired these 1st grade students to blog, podcast, and produce videos. Just think she took those free computers and turned them into a technology tidal wave that keeps growing. Imagine we could do with a technology program.

The technology in the classroom that I found most inspiring was the Blogging. I thoroughly enjoy blogging and I think it can be a powerful tool for students as well as teachers. Blogging can offer so many avenues for students today. Not to mention the act itself improves students ability to read, write, and proofread their own work. Even though many people may see blogging as an introduction to technology in the classroom, I think it opens many doors and opportunities to other forms of media interactions. In classrooms today, technology is new and frightening to some educators. The act of blogging can quell that fear. It can be easily introduced school wide with little to no time. It requires no real formal instruction for the educator or for the students that will be using the free online software. All it requires is a little time, a little drive, and someone willing to proofread the student's work.
As educators we can do so much more with blogging. We can reach out and inspire future students. We can share goals and creative avenues that we are using or plan on using in our classrooms. We can easily create a world of learning, by connecting with other blogging students and teachers. It is as easy as connecting the dots. When I become a teacher I am going to use the power of blogging in my arena. In the end, we are all searching for a better way to use technology in our classrooms. What better way than moving from pencil and paper to keyboard and screen.

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  1. I have the same views about Ms. Cassidy. She is very inspirational and gives me more hope for the school system to change. I Would use her idea of learning the alphabet with video of other students in different areas. I found that very interesting and different. I enjoyed reading your blog post, it was very intelligent.