Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blog Post #5

dangerously irrelevant

Don't teach your kids this stuff. Please? by Scott McLeod and many more post by this wonderful innovator in education. I found his take on education to be bold and front running. His attempts to inspire the leaders in education, will hopefully create the necessary foot hold required for education to move forward in technology. Dr. McLeod stated "If the leaders don't get it, it's not going to happen." I believe this sums up Dr. McLeod and his philosophy. We need technology in our schools, so we can compete with the rest of the World.

Ischool Initiative by Travis Allen was an eye opening piece on how easily a simple touch device could be integrated into our education system. Using an iPod Touch he was able to show how we could replace a large portion of what we currently use as required materials for school, by this simple device. The applications on these iPod Touches that are currently available and the applications that could be available would make this device more viable for up and coming students. This in turn could really drive U.S. schools into leadership positions of education in the World community. Mr Allen even came out 3 years later with an update on his progression called Travis Allen's Zeitgeist Young Mind's Entry which he states that, "his program has gotten worldwide attention" and has led him around the the US promoting his program.

My reaction to this is development is simple. If we can save money in education. Cut cost to parents. Alleviate the pressure faced by teachers from parents on the progress of students. With a device that cost a 1/3 of the current classroom budget for students, then I say lets go. Standing around and waiting for something to shift or for the right people to get on board is tragic. Each day, each moment lost is another student left behind in the technological development of our changing world.

virtual choir

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir - 'Lux Aurumque' was amazing. I have never seen anything quite like that display. I was in awe, upon watching all of those beautiful voices singing together from all over the World. And to think, all of that was done by the technology we are currently depriving our young minds from having in our schools. A virtual choir, what an amazing gift, they were able to share with each other and the almost 3 million views on You Tube. This revolutionary way of communicating is just the beginning. Just by this display alone we can see the huge benefits with this type of interaction each and every student and educator could achieve in our schools. Technology can improve our classrooms, our interactions, and our level of comprehension. classrooms. Lets sing out our move forward together.

Robert's Teaching in the 21st Century seems to be a call to teachers to do more than regurgitate facts and dates to students. Instead we should be growing socially in this technological environment, reaching out to people around the world to help education grow in our students. Using the internet as a tool, as well as, other free programs offered through the internet such as; Google, Wiki, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This are readily available for students and teachers outside the classroom, as well as, inside the classroom. We the up and coming educators need to take this opportunity and act. Create engaging classrooms. Inspire students to want to learn instead of feeling like they have to learn.


  1. Did you read the post assigned by Dr. Mcleod or just his blog in general? I can't tell.

    "...seems to be a call..." Not just seems to be. It is!

    Missing Reading Rockets.

    1. I did not achieve the level I wanted on this one. I fell behind and tried to finish this post quicker than previous ones. I will focus more and do better on the upcoming assignments.