Monday, February 13, 2012


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Mrs. Ripp's Class » A Trip Back In Time blog by Matthew was a really cool read. He mentioned really interesting points on what things would be like back in time without a lot of our amenities. He wanted to go back and see how things were before a lot of technologies that helped mankind were invented to see how humans lived. He also wanted to bring tools back from cave men times so scientists could study them. Matthew put all of time in his blog about going back in time.
He hit on several different points in history and made me think of what I would want to see if I went back in time. I responded with, going back to ancient Japan to see the Samurai. I told him I took Jujitsu and I learned about the Japanese culture. I thanked him in Japanese for his contribution to the blogging community. It was a really fun to see where elementary kids are at compared to when I was in their grade.

Mrs. Huebner's class had individual blogs for his/her students. I was asked to comment on  Kaylee's Blog. Her blog was on art and what it meant to her. Her first thought was she was not good at art, but that she liked it. She went on to talk about what she thought it took to make good art. She felt an individual should be "passionate, colorful, creative, spontaneous, and you shouldn’t care what anybody else says about your painting or picture". The last of her thoughts revolved around how nobody could steal art from you or make you change your mind on how you feel about it.
I told her in my comment that I felt the same way about art. I was not good at art, but I liked looking at art. I told her a story about how my mother took me to museums when I was a kid and I spent a lot of time looking at paintings. I went on telling her she should never care what people say about the art she creates. I thanked her for her contribution to the blogging world and sharing her feelings on art.

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