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I was assigned a Blog post by Bill Ferriter and his current post is on an education system of  "Doing" instead of "Knowing".  He states we should be asking "What If" instead of  "Yeah, but....", when we approach teaching our future students. Bill Ferriter feels that we as educators should be moving into the future and growing with it and not being stagnant. He wants students to "...see themselves as living, breathing contributors to the world around them rather than simply as little people locked away behind our walls waiting to be released?Mr. Ferriter has explained in his blog that the education formula would have to be taken back to the beginning. To start to change the current process, even the purchases made in our schools would need to be reevaluated. His article pursues the concept of an ever changing educational system, with emphasis on current practices for teaching. Instead of relying on archaic principals that have been allowed to continue because of educators having the inability to move forward.
After reading his blog I left a comment. I explained who I was and what I was attempting to do, by reading his blog. I ventured to explain how our professors encourage us, the students, to make changes in our lifetime as educators, not to follow the status quo. I went on to say that in my experiences change is very hard to do, especially in a system such as this that has existed the same way for an extensive period of time. I applauded his efforts and simply said his hardest adversary would be his entrenched supporters of a current education system and that anything "Different" would be seen as a threat.

In my second blog reading for Mr. Bill Ferriter he endeavors to take on the topic of Fewer Priorities Makes Schools MORE Productive.  His take on the subject is that teachers with fewer responsibilities are more likely to succeed than those who are overwhelmed. Currently teachers are set at the bottom of the hierarchy pyramid instead of at the tip of the diamond. In his eyes and others this is how the structure should be viewed. This would also lead teachers to better opportunities in the future on focusing on our youths, instead of dealing with our problems.
In my response, I agreed with his beliefs on the subject. I have heard horrible stories about over run classrooms and teachers having enormous amounts of problems. I believe that if we could cut down on those problems found in those classrooms and allowed the teachers to focus, we would see significant changes in our youths.

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